10 reasons, why non-state higher education is important for the European education system


Non-state higher education is the expression of a free, vivid, democratic and self-confident civil-society, who believes that high quality in higher education requires also the dynamics and the entrepreneurial spirit of the private sector


Non-state higher education contributes to diversity and plurality of the European higher education system and thus increases the freedom of choice for students and faculty


Non-state higher education institutions offer their students a wide range of programs on the current state of science and didactics which correspond to the actual needs and demands of society and industry


Non-state higher education institutions respond swiftly with tailor-made programs to new requirements for qualifications and skills of students


Non-state higher education institutions combine scientific expertise with practical experience to programs with high value added for the employability of students


Non-state higher education institutions contribute with their entrepreneurial spirit to a more agile, motivative and outcome-oriented higher education system


Non-state higher education institutions support Europe in its global competition for the brightest talents with their customer- and market-oriented approach


Non-state higher education institutions are committed to more equity, accessibility and inclusiveness of the higher education system and strive for a better participation of all kind of students regardless of their social background


Non-state higher education institutions emphasize performance and outcome-orientation of students and faculty to ensure more efficiency of the higher education system


Non-state higher education institutions contribute to create more attractive job opportunities for all academicians


EUPHE demands from the EU and the European Governments


to recognize the need for plurality of state and non-state higher education as an important value of a free and democratic Europe


to protect the diversity and the independence of non-state higher education institutions in legislation and administration with respect to academic freedom


to ensure a fair co-existence of state-and non-state higher education in legislation, administration and public funding of higher education


to ensure the free movement and establishment of European based institutions of non-state higher education in all EU-Countries according to the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, the Treaty in Functioning of the European Union and the EU Services Directive 2006/123/EG


to ensure that non-state higher education institutions may participate unrestrictedly in all its funding programs for higher education



Asociacion Española de Escuelas de Negocios (AEEN)

AEEN is the national Spanish association of private business schools, established in 2008 by 11 schools with the aim of contributing in a collegial manner to the process of management development through professional Master`s programs that enable their students to obtain highly effective business results. Currently, it has 62 member schools with around 63.000 students in 1300 programs and 603.000 alumni

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Associação Portuguesa do Ensino Superior Privado (APESP)

APESP is the national Portuguese association of non-state higher education institutions recognized as being of public interest under the terms of the Legal Regime of Higher Education Institutions Currently it has about 60 members with about 74.000 students in.... programs

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Österreichische Privatuniversitäten Konferenz (ÖPUK)

ÖPUK is the national Austrian conference of private universities. Currently, it has 16 members with around 220 study courses and more than 18.000 students

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Skupnost Samostoijnih Visokošolskih Zavodov (SSVZ)

SSVZ is the national Slovenian association of non-state higher education institutions and is officially recognized by the government as its representative. It currently has 35 members with about ....students in ....programs

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University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS)

SWPS is one of the leading Polish non-state universities, established in 1996 with currently 5 campuses in major cities of Poland with more than 17.000 students in 35 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs.

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The Higher Education Colleges Association (HECA)

HECA is the national Irish association of respected independent, private providers of quality higher-level education. It was established in 1991 and currently has 12 member colleges with 27.000 students in 379 QQI validated programs and around 127.000 alumni

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Union Des Grandes Écoles Indépendantes

UGEI is one of the national French associations of non-state higher education institutions, established in 1993, with 37 member schools, among them 14 business schools, 22 engineering schools and 1 design school with about 81.000 students in ....programs

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Union Des Nouvelles Facultés Libres

UNFL is one of the national French associations of non-state higher education institutions, established in 2004. It currently has 5 members which offer 58 including licences, masters and double degrees.

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Verband Privater Hochschulen e.V.

VPH is the national German association of non-state higher education institutions, established in 2004. It currently has around 82 members with about 263.000 students in more than 1200 programs.

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